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Bask in the glory of classic Multics ALM, APL, BASIC, BCPL, C, COBOL, EXEC_COM, Fortran, MacLISP, Pascal, PL/I, and RDC programming languages and the Emacs, TECO, QEDX, TED, and EDM text editors. Play games.  Exchange messages, email, and participate in Multics Forum meetings.  Experience real timesharing — as a public utility.


Free Anonymous Guest Access
No Logins or Passwords Needed

It is recommended users connect using communication/terminal emulation software to via Mosh or SSH2.  Legacy Telnet is supported, but may require solving a CAPTCHA to prevent abuse. This gives you the best experience and will ensure that your browser will not override any control or modifier keys.

We are also connected to encrypted mesh networks via cjdns/hyperboria [fcab:cef8:1114:ace5:b0c1:41d4:8861:4849] and Yggdrasil [201:85d7:5968:d14a:9aca:fe9e:37ed:5ea4]. We recommend the use of Mosh for mesh network connections.

You can also access the system right now via our web clients in most modern browsers.

Please be aware most mobile device on-screen keyboards do not provide access to function or modifier keys, limiting your experience, since you will be unable to use Emacs (or send Control-C). Most desktop browsers won't let you remap Control-Q.

You can try our experimental novncxterm service as a workaround, which provides a full xterm session via VNC, with access to these keys in the floating panel. It can take 30 seconds or more to launch the novncxterm system, so please be patient. All web sessions are non-persistent - if you are disconnected, fail to connect, or receive an authentication error, you need to restart the connection again with the links below.

Request your full Multics User Account

A full account provides users with access to persistent, permanent storage, and the ability to fully participate in messaging and forums.

What do the users say about Multics?

"This is not a UNIX System!  I don't know this!"

- Lex 

"[UNIX] converts are the worst bigots."

- Max 

"At least it's not the MCP."


"Nice indeed. Everything's accounted for, except your old shell."

- Batou

"I think I've fallen in love with this operating system. Is that weird?"

- Theodore

REMINDER: All resources are provided free of charge, as a public service, on a best effort basis. NO SLA, NO WARRANTY. Users should expect unannounced maintenance and updates. Everything subject to change. Updated: 2018-JUL-13